Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff includes toxicology experts and medical professionals with diverse backgrounds in clinical research and laboratory protocols.  To answer questions and consult on test results with physician clients and their authorized staff members, our toxicologists are available at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More About Us:

Shaohan Zhao, PhD., DABFT
Shaohan Zhao, PhD., DABFT Lab Director
Dr. Zhao is responsible for the daily management and operation of the laboratory.  He is a medical laboratory director, clinical trial technologist, quality assurance testing auditor and research scientist with over 20 years of experience.  His areas of expertise include:

  • Setting up laboratory test systems and methodologies
  • Answering questions and interpreting results for physicians
  • Supervising laboratory personnel on daily work processes
  • Establishing policies and procedures for processing specimens, as well as safety, quality control and quality assessment programs
  • Checking various lab instrument maintenance paperwork to ensure documentation and compliance
  • Preparing and producing monthly laboratory results.


Dr. Zhao received his Bachelor of Agronomy in Veterinary Medicine from Nanjing Agricultural University.  He earned his Master of Agronomy in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology from China Agricultural University in Bejing.  His MBA and Ph.D in Toxicology were obtained from Iowa State University.  Dr. Zhao has produced over a dozen professional articles that were published in peer-reviewed professional publications.  His professional background includes positions as:

  • Criminalist Laboratory Manager – Houston Police Department
  • Laboratory Director – Advanced Spine and Pain, Stafford, VA
  • Laboratory Director – Allied Health Systems, Glennville, GA
  • Chemist – Aerotek Scientific, LLC, St. Paul MN
  • Scientist – 3M Drug Delivery Systems Division, St. Paul, MN
  • Clinical Trial Technologist – Medtox Scientific, Inc., St. Paul MN
  • Quality Assurance Auditor – Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories
  • Scientist – ABC Laboratories, Columbia, MO.
Abdou Mekebri, PhD
Abdou Mekebri, PhDTechnical Director/Chief Scientist
Dr. Abdou Mekebri is a Forensic Toxicology Expert and is Technical Director and Chief Scientist for Axis Diagnostics. He is also a member of the executive team. Dr. Mekebri has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry from Claude Bernard University in France. He has more than 25 years of analytical laboratory experience with extensive experience in chemical and pesticide analysis, using the most sophisticated and advanced analytical instruments. Dr. Mekebri also served over 20 years as Chief Chemist in research and method development for the California Department of Fish and Game—Office of Spill Prevention and Response.

Dr. Mekebri’s areas of expertise include small molecules such as forensic, clinical, environmental, pharmaceutical and personal care products. While working with Agilent Technologies, Dr. Mekebri was a key contributor in validation and developed methods for customers in the US and abroad. These fields included environmental, homeland security, forensic, food safety, pharmaceutical, toxicology and petrochemical industries.

Dr. Mekebri has acted as a consultant, instructor and senior application scientist, leading seminars and scientific conferences in the United States and internationally. He has extensive experience and expertise in working analytical method development for drugs of abuse and addiction.