A Large Customizable Testing Menu for Medication Monitoring

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For physician practices, Axis is at the forefront of “Best Practice” solutions for pain medication monitoring.  We offer a larger customizable menu of oral fluid and urine drug tests than the majority of laboratories.  You can rest assured of the most accurate results with our Liquid Chromatography paired with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC / MS / MS), which is the “Platinum Standard” in the industry.

To meet the unique needs of pain medication patients, we developed individually tailored monitoring protocols.  To consult on your results, you’ll have direct access to our expert clinical staff seven days a week.  They’re dedicated to providing you with scientific support and helping you deliver a higher level of patient care.

For pain medication monitoring, Axis Diagnostics offers:

  • A comprehensive drug testing menu
  • Options to customizw drug testing for every patient
  • The “Platinum Standard” of quality: in-house LC / MS / MS confirmations and quantitation
  • Direct consultation with our clinical experts 7 days a week
  • Timely reports in a simple and easy to understand format
  • Reporting in your choice of formats
  • Direct billing of patient insurance
  • Customizable collection and pick-up services

A Large Customizable Testing Menu

With a wider variety of test protocols, our inclusive test menu makes it easy to customize testing for the unique needs of your patients and practice. read more…

Sample Toxicology Report

We offer our comprehensive, easy to understand toxicology reports in your choice of formats, including web-based, facsimile and hard copy.  read more…

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