Scientific Rigor That Surpasses Forensic Standards

Beyond Forensic Standards, 5 panel drug test

To provide the “Platinum Standard” for analytical quantitation, we utilize Liquid Chromatography (LC) paired with tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS).  We use this advanced technology for all of our high performance testing for pain medication monitoring.

After screening and confirmation, we back up every test sample with three layers of review by our clinical professionals.  This level of scientific rigor means you can rely on a higher standard of accuracy for your results with Axis than with other leading labs.

Selectively filtering out analytes of interest from other interfering substances, LC / MS / MS delivers accurate, consistent and quantitative results.  In as little time as a few milliseconds, this technology can achieve that.  No interference or cross-reactivity exists with other analytes, which can lead to false-positives or false-negatives observed with immunoassay analyzers.

LC/MS/MS provides rapid and unequivocal, determined and quantitated tests of targeted drugs at trace levels in a complex matrix.  It is a significant improvement over the existing MS methodology.

Lab Confirmation to Complement Your In-House Testing

The in-house testing at your practice is convenient and cost-effective, but not as accurate and complete as LC/MS/MS for analytical quantitation of samples.  read more…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to your questions about Toxicology Consults, Accuracy, Custom Panels, Cut-Off Levels, Sample Adulteration and Accreditation / Licensure. read more…

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